ATP Challenger Recanati

The tournament is midway through, tomorrow the second round will be completed, leaving only 8 players fighting for the title. Among them won’t be Riccardo Ghedin, who put up a good fight today against the number two seed Sergey Stakhovsky. Ghedin is a fun player to watch, he’s very aggressive and serves & volleys pretty often, at least on this surface.

Stakhovsky isn’t boring, either and not the waiting type, even though my picture shows him on the defense, scrambling:

Tomorrow play will star at 6 pm, which kinda sucks because there’s only one good hour of light to shoot at 200 or 400 ISO with high shutter speeds (I like to keep at least 1/1600 with tennis if I can). Of course I can up the ISO and later on the light is beautiful (the magic hour, you know) but harsh and bright do help with action.


~ by nyrk on July 22, 2009.

One Response to “ATP Challenger Recanati”

  1. Thanks for the image of Ghedin! Glad to hear about his willingness to serve & volley — how refreshing. Earlier today, I walked up to him at the LAX airport because he looked like a pro with all of his racquets, and he said he was traveling to a tournament in Sacramento. It would be nice to be able to watch him play.

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